How to Kill the Future

The children are the future of any society.  How you groom your children will determine your future.

The Times of India reports that Pakistan’s children are being converted into terrorists.  According to the report [14 Dec], the “Pakistani police rescued 53 madrassa students, some as young as seven, who had been chained in the basement of a Karachi seminary, unearthing gruesome tales of dungeon torture and visits by Taliban instructors.”

Why do children have to bear all this, I wonder.  I suffered much as a child all because of the religious beliefs of my parents.  Later on, even as an adult I suffered much because of the religion that was printed on my certificate.  My parents tried to instil religion into my soul.  It never really stuck.  But I was a prisoner of those instructions.  For a long time, a very long time. I might have even killed for that religion if I had not redeemed myself from it.

Yet I have some good friends who are priests!  My priest-friends, invariably, agree with me that religion should be inclusive.  It should allow anyone to enter it freely.  [And live it, I suppose – LIVE IT.]

Yet why this killing spirit in the madrassas of Karachi?  Why this killing spirit in Ahmadabad or Mangalore or anywhere in the name of religion?

Who practises religion today?  I have seen a few dozen persons who do.  Yet I have seen thousands who go on pilgrimage.  I have joined them on the pilgrimage too – only to be nauseated.  I see about five lakh people who assemble near my workplace in the name of religion three times every year.  I’m yet to see some spiritual quality in them yet.  Not one of those lakhs has struck me as a religious person in the last eleven years.

I can see only criminals who preach religion.  And persecute others in the name of religion.  Worst of all, chain children in the name of religion.

Why not let at least children grow?  Really grow.  So that we will have a world that is worthy of human beings.

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2 Responses to How to Kill the Future

  1. I remember this fondly. You said in the class once,” What is God? God is faith. And religion a way to realize that faith”. So true. Religion has become inclusive, inclusive of terrorism, violence and torture. The five lakh people who assemble for ‘satsangs’, I wonder how many of them actually want to realize that faith.

    ‘I can see only criminals who preach religion. And persecute others in the name of religion.’ – I find it highly generalized. Think about it sir. Are your priest friends criminals too. There are still people who propagate in the most humane way possible. Maybe sir, just maybe, your past isn’t allowing you to see that.

    • matheikal says:

      Sid, there are exceptions even in religion. In general, I don’t see very many people who are good human beings because of religion. I have often felt that my priest-friends would have been good human beings even if they were not priests. For example, one such priest was a classmate of mine at college. He was an excellent human being at that time too. Later on, after graduation, he decided to become a priest. The qualities were not learnt by him because he became a priest.

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