Religion, Conversion, and other follies

A pastor was arrested in Kashmir for converting seven Muslims into Christianity.  I wonder why the BJP has not yet taken up the issue.

You can buy anybody today.  You can buy a politician.  The cost may be in crores (one crore = 10 million) of rupees.  You can convert a Congress politician into a BJP politician or vice-versa by paying a few crore rupees.  You can convert a Janata Dal politician into a Bahujan Samajwati Party politician or vice-versa by paying a few lakhs. 

You can convert farmlands into race courses or backwaters into tourist resorts.  You can convert an atheist into a theist or vice-versa . You can convert a doctor into an engineer or a musician into a novelist.  You can convert almost anything into anything.  But you cannot convert a Muslim into a Christian or vice-versa or a Hindu into a Christian (the vice-versa is simply impossible except under conditions laid down by certain criminals).

One Rev. Channa Mani Khanna converted seven Muslims in Kashmir into Christianity.  Just like Rahul Gandhi would have converted some BSP party-men into Congress in Uttar Pradesh or Mayawati would have done the vice-versa. 

When it comes to religion, why do we all get worked up so much?

Insecurity feelings?

What else?

Why can’t anyone convert anybody from his religion into some other religion?

Even by paying money?

If I accept money and change my religion, it will only prove that my religion had no value for me – and also that my new religion’s value is only a matter of money, and not a matter of conviction.  In other words, if I choose to convert from one religion into another for the sake of money, it means that I value the money more than the religion.  Give me more money and I will change it any time – that’s the logic of such people. 

Rev. Channa Mani Khanna tried that logic in Kashmir.  What’s wrong in that if we are ready to accept the value of money in every other realm of our practical affairs?

A simple (and yet complex) question: Would Pramod Muthalik of Sri Ram Sene attack people in a pub in Mangalore if Hinduism was the only religion practised in Karnataka?

The answer is not simple.  And not complex, either!  Because people like Muthalik would attack anybody.  People like him want money.  They will attack anything and anybody for that one commodity. 

The arrest of Rev. Channa Mani Khanna in Kashmir is a little different matter, however.  There is no law in Kashmir against religious conversion.  But the Kashmir govt is not trying to make money out of attacking Rev. Channa Mani Khanna.  It is trying to reinforce the Islamic religion which is under threat from the capitalist system that is slowly overtaking it. 

Who is going to be the winner in the long run?  Islamic radicalism?  Christian capitalism?  Hindu opportunism?  I’m just amused.


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9 Responses to Religion, Conversion, and other follies

  1. I don’t know who will win but surely humanity and morals are losing. Is belief such an easy commodity these days?

    • matheikal says:

      I think very few people have deep faith in their religion. For the majority, faith is a given, something they received from their parents and hence they continue to have it. And they attach a lot of emotional value to it just like they would attach some such value to many other inherited things.

  2. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    Your amusement has a sharp edge … But, how do you dig out such stories, buried they must deep in the insides of media outpourings?


  3. benny says:

    if one respects one’s religion there would be no religious conflicts.

    • matheikal says:

      Yes, Benny, I understand what you mean. The one who understands his religion genuinely and deeply cannot attack anyone in the name of religion.

      • Raghuram Ekambaram says:

        Sorry Benny and Matheikal, understanding of religion (however genuinely), its raison d’etre, will not allow you to sympathize, let alone respect other religions. As I have argued elsewhere religion exists only to exist. It cares a hoot for humanity.

        All this deep understanding, respect etc. are hogwash.


  4. Anup says:

    i agree with RE…to even try to understand religion is futile, you just to accept it…have faith as my priest says. BTW my latest discovery… practicing religion is an expensive time pass!

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