The Church and Nobility of Family


The Malayala Manorama [5 Oct] reports that the Catholic Church in Kerala has decided to honour Catholic couples in the state who reproduce more children.  The wing of the Kerala Catholic Bishops Conference dealing with families and “pro-life” has come up with slogans like “Large family, Happy family” and “More children for the welfare of the nation.”  The report goes on to say that the Church’s intention is not to increase its population strength but to “the nobility of the family.”

The Idukki diocese of the Church is already offering a number of incentives to the believers for having more children.  The incentives include fee concessions in Church-run schools and scholarships for children studying in other schools. 

The Church’s claim that its intention is to enhance the nobility of the family does not hold water, given its actual practices.  The Church has never been transparent in its various affairs involving the laity.  For example, the Church has always appointed teachers in its schools and colleges by taking bribes or donations from the candidates ignoring their merits and suitability for the job.  The Church has sold seats in its various educational institutions, especially professional colleges, by taking huge capitation fees, ignoring the academic merits of the candidates.  The Church which blatantly flouts merit and quality for the sake of financial benefits cannot be taken seriously when it preaches “the nobility of the family.”

It the Church is genuinely interested in the nobility of the family, it should advocate measures to improve the quality of the life of the existing population before asking people to engage in increased reproductive activities.  The Church should first take initiatives in dealing with economic inequality, corruption, unemployment, rampant thuggery, alcoholism, drug abuse, and many such serious social evils in the state.  There is much that the Church can do and should do in this regard.  If it actually starts doing something meaningful in those areas and then start speaking about the nobility of the family, the preaching may gain some credibility.


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5 Responses to The Church and Nobility of Family

  1. Anup says:

    I am not sure who the church is trying to fool here! Especially when their only partners in crime are the noble organizations from the other minority. I guess there is always a fairly large group of nitwits who fall for this. The sad part is it is the people who cannot afford to feed and care for another mouth who fall for it.

  2. matheikal says:

    I’m pasting below the email I received from Raghuram Ekambaram. I’ve also added my response to Raghuram’s comment.

    Dear Matheikal,

    As usual I cannot post a comment on your post on Catholic Church promoted fertility among Christians in Kerala. You are wrong, wrong, and wrong when you demanded that the Church should do what it can. Church asserts its power precisely by refusing to do what it can. It thumbs its noses and deliberately WILL NOT do what benefits the people. Why was Liberation Theology shunned by the mainstream denominations? The former tried to do what it can. Very simple. Religion sustains itself by not doing what it can and claiming it will be done in the after or next life.

    If you feel this message is harmless to your post, please copy paste this there.

    Raghuram, I agree with you totally in this. Last night something happened. I don’t know whether it was a dream or a thought that occurred to me while I was half-awake. Someone was telling me in that experience that the Catholic Church is running out of priests and nuns. There are not enough children in the families to become priests or nuns. This is the actual reason why the Church wants to see the Catholic families becoming more reproductive. Who will run the Church if the species of priests becomes extinct?

  3. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    Thanks Matheikal, and ain’t it a surprise that i can post my comment now? I am glad my post bought out the true reason, paucity of Gen ‘Z’ priests and nuns! Truth dawns only when one is not truly aware/awa(r/k)e and this happened to you!


    Raghuram Ekambaram

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