Mumbai Again – a plea for humanity

From the beginning of the human civilisation, the hard-working and prosperous people have been held to ransom by criminals and laggards.  It is impossible to view the terrorist attacks on Mumbai as motivated by any religious principles.  [Otherwise the meaning of religion will need to be redefined radically.]  Mumbai is India’s financial capital.  While the marauders of the past attacked with the intention of plundering wealth and resources, the terrorists of the present attack with the intention of weakening the country’s economy. The latter is a more perverse motive.

The new Al Qaeda chief, Zawahiri, has always asked his followers to attack centres of commercial activities.  The whole tribe of people led by Zawahiri as well as his predecessor Osama bin Laden have always behaved like barbarous Luddites who perceive every symbol of technological and industrial progress as detrimental to their interests.  And what indeed are their interests?

Apart from pursuing a wild goose chase in the name of some miasmic and incoherent religious ideology as well as cooking other people’s geese in deadly furnaces of varied explosive powers, what are the interests of these killers who don the garb of religious crusaders?

None.  They have no constructive vision, are unable to make any meaningful contribution to the human society, live like rats in some hidden places, and emerge from their cubbyholes only to kill innocent people. 

How long will this war by sheer criminals continue against humanity? 

Isn’t it high time that all Muslims in their right minds come out openly condemning every kind of terrorism perpetrated by their co-believers?  Isn’t it high time that the Muslim community turned resolutely against those who perpetrate nefarious crimes in the name of their religion and god? 

It is only the common man who can avert terrorism and such policies that act on a large social scale.  Sir Norman Angell said in a different context (speaking about war):

We cannot prevent war unless we recognise that its final source, its ultimate cause, does not lie in the wickedness of rulers and diplomats, nor in the avarice of international financiers and armament makers, nor in the ‘contradictions of capitalism.’  The primary cause is the defective political judgment of the ordinary man and voter. [emphasis added]

We can apply Sir Angell’s words to terrorism too.  It is the common man who can make the real difference.  In the case of Islamic terrorism, which is the most terrible menace that has gripped contemporary civilisation, it is the ordinary Muslims who should make the difference.

The days of the Roman warriors and marauding Turks are gone.  The medieval knight cannot wield his battle-axe in our times.  With them has become extinct a whole way of acting.  The modern man is a free citizen of a nation; a citizen of the world, in fact.  Should this modern man be condemned to live like the slaves and vassals of the savage days?  Don’t we deserve to live a free life?  Free to forge our destiny.  Don’t we deserve to make use of the freedom that our socio-political systems have envisaged for us?  Why should we let some perverted minds keep us captive behind the bars of some obsolescent ideology?  I feel very strongly that it is our Muslim brethren who should take the first step to boycott the criminal elements in their own fold.  And save humanity from inveterate criminals.


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4 Responses to Mumbai Again – a plea for humanity

  1. dawnanddew says:

    This heart-melting plea should reach the ears of millions of Muslim brothers!

  2. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    I have a problem here … Let me say I agree that religion drives this madness … but, was religion alone the cause of this madness? Jared Diamond said that religion was invented to justify skewed distribution of resources, mainly by the strongest among the group who became the ruler. That is, religion is not sui generis and it is ALWAYS in the service of power and wealth. And, here is the problem. The people who are involved in such acts of terrorism claim they are fighting exploitation, economic, social and indeed religious, through religion. And, THAT does not compute!

    In short, even if you enlighten people through religion, you would end up creating another religin and the process will repeat. We have had Crusades, remember? And, we also had george Bush calling one of his two wars (I don’t recall which) as a Crusade, after some 8 centuries. THE MONSTER WILL COME BACK!

    Raghuram Ekambaram

    • matheikal says:

      Raghuram, I think Jared Diamond’s perspective on religion is one-sided and from that one side he is right too. That is, justification of the skewed distribution of resources is one function of religion. There is a psychological function too: the very common need of most people to transcend themselves. That is why, even if there is no god, people will invent one. There is a social function too. People like to come together under some common banner and religion is an easy banner. Because of all these religions will continue to exist whatever you and I say. What we can, perhaps, do is to try to make religion a more humane entity.
      Your comment also reminded me of what is happening in Trivandrum right now. A medical college run by the Church of South India (CSI) was exposed by an Asianet-led sting operation as utterly corrupt in their practice of admitting students to their MBBS course. Asianet showed that they charged as much as Rs50 lakh as capitation fee in order to give admission to students who scraped through their qualifying exams. The Church’s reaction is what shocked me: they engaged thugs to beat up the journalists. Greed and thuggery practised by a religious sect in order to perpetuate their POWER in society. CSI has not been influential in any way in the Kerala politics. But they learnt that money could get them that influence. So they have resorted to making money by hook or by crook.
      In spite of such happenings, religion will continue to hold sway on the psyche of the masses.

  3. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    Perhaps Jared might not have said so forcefully as I said – religion is not sui generis. But, tell me without that manipulative aspect of its existence would it be as evil as it is? I bet no.

    Raghuram Ekambaram

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