Ramdev’s Entertainment


Baba Ramdev is a good entertainer.  I remember listening to one of his speeches a few years back.  He was addressing a group of school students.  He interspersed his speech with two things that could keep the attention of the students glued to him: (1) demonstration of certain interesting yoga postures, and (2) hilarious, rather rustic, jokes. He entertained the students quite well. 

Yesterday he entertained the whole of India quite well.  Wherever I went in Delhi yesterday, I saw people sitting glued to some TV channel that showed Ramdev and his fast-related discussions.  This morning I watched Ramdev jump like a child from a rather high stage, sit on someone’s shoulders (it appeared so to me) and exhort a momentous crowd to maintain discipline.  

Had Ramdev already struck a “deal” with the government before he started his fast?  Kapil Sibal would imply that.  He displayed to the journalists the note written by the Baba that his “fast unto death” would end on the 6th of June. 

Digvijay Singh has called the Baba all kinds of names.  According to Singh, the Baba is a fraud, a thug and possibly even a murderer.  Does the Baba have any moral right to demand morality from others?  That is a valid question though it comes from Digvijay Singh.

In the Indian political circus, we have a lot of jokers and clowns too apart from the serious players.  Where should we place Ramdev in that circus ring?  In the motley of the clown?  Or on the high trapeze?  Or on the back of a one-horned rhinoceros?    

Some of the Swami’s demands are quite ridiculous though the issue of corruption is indeed a serious one (waiting to become ridiculous, it appears).  However, what was the Baba trying to prove by erecting a huge pavilion which looked quite ostentatious?  Was he trying fight corruption or make a show of his popularity?  Was it proper to gather thousands and thousands of people into an amorphous crowd with no clear agenda or action plan?  Who would take the responsibility for the security of all those people?  For the security of the city of Delhi? 

At any rate, was it necessary to gather such a crowd for a “fast unto death” that was scheduled to last just a couple of days?

When an influential person behaves as irresponsibly as Baba Ramdev did, it becomes the responsibility of the government to bring the situation under control. 

Perhaps, Ramdev will convert the comic drama that ended his one-day-fast-unto-death into a strategic political opportunity.  The Right wing parties and organisations have already upped their ante.  They know the Baba is a good attention-grabbing gargoyle on their political edifice.


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12 Responses to Ramdev’s Entertainment

  1. rishi says:

    It doesnt matter who was doing it.. Anna or ramdev or sm bdy else… wat was his action plan.. who are we to say that he should have planned everything took care of security etc etc.. but we have every right to expect from our own wisely (pun intended) chosen government to take care of security and not to behave brutally to protester ( i blv they were nt rebellious)…not to go for lathi chage.. I dont support people i support cause.. and looking at corruption..poverty..politics and politician…. his cause was justified… his intention might be getting political popularity… bt cause is waht it matters.

  2. matheikal says:

    Rishi, I’m still waiting for somebody who espouses the cause of corruption or any other important cause sincerely!

    • deetee says:

      is sitting hungry to protest not serious enough. You should miss a few meals and then you will know.

  3. sanjay says:

    no doubt that fast or dharna are going to change the culture of corruption in india..coz it’s not limited to govt offices only now it’s a part of everyone’s life. so almost everyone is responsible for it and we cannt change it by changing the government or making some policies. to eradicate the corruption we have to change our attitude towards ourselves as well as society but i have doubt towards govts. intention to call for lathi charge in midnight. was it so urgent?? do it make any sense when they are climimg that they were concern about security?? it’s totally rubbish..n most surprisingly our dear PM didnt bother to comments even a single word aabt this incidents?? where is out dear amul boy??

    • matheikal says:

      Sanjay, I guess there’s a limit to the provocation that the police can tolerate. The people pelted stones at the police. The situation could have gone out of control given the size of the crowd. I guess the police were helpless, so the tear gas and lathis…

      • sanjay says:

        Do you really believe in this story sir that people start to pelting stone?? moreover situation was that much worst that people was bound to lathi charge in MIDNIGHT?? I didn’t found any reason to believe this story.

  4. benny says:

    I belive that what is happenning is good for the country. All these people will go down in history as provoketers of the collective conscience of India.

    • matheikal says:

      Yes, Benny, some churning was needed long ago. And it’s good it’s happening. But I’m a little amused by the comic undertones in what Ramdev performed. After all the drama I’ve mentioned in the blog, he disguised himself as a woman – I wonder for what: to escape from the police (if so, why?) or to hoodwink the people later on saying that he had a ‘miraculous’ escape? This is India, the Incredible India: it amazes and amuses at the same time. We have people like Aruna Roy or Arundhati Roy or Binayak Sen on the one hand, and Ramdevs on the other.

      • deetee says:

        ifyouagroup ofpolicemen came in the nightandstartedbeating womenandchildren around you, you would also try to escape. Icanseethat youareaMalluchristian- hence allthebarbs atRamdev. it is extremely hard foryou to be objective.

  5. krr2658 says:

    The change has to come from the top political leaders and the govt,and the people of the country for eradication of corruption.

  6. Meraj Ahmed says:

    i like your blog, you have written the post in a really nice way. I too share the same kind of thoughts about Baba Ramdev’s act. Read my views on my blog@ just4cause.wordpress.com

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