Swami Ramdev Steals Electricity


Swami Ramdev was in Kerala propagating his religion, his version of the yoga and probably his emerging political party. 

There’s no problem with any of those activities.  Any Indian citizen has every right to propagate his religion, promote his political party, and even teach yoga as long as it does not go against the existing medical ethics.

Swami Ramdev did not break any of those rules.  But he, or his followers, indulged in stealing.  And the Kerala Electricity Board slapped a heavy fine on the Swami.   When the Swami refused to pay it, the Kerala Police had to be called.  Finally the Swami had to relent and pay up.

What did the Swami do, according to a report telecasted on Asianet News [prominent Malayalam TV channel] yesterday [March 29]?  His men took the electric power required for his function from the electric lines without getting any required permission for it.  Nothing more.

When the authorities concerned questioned the Swami’s people they were surprised.  They said candidly that it was the normal procedure they followed wherever they went.  They took the electric power from the electric lines that passed nearby with the help of their own electricians. 

It is possible that millions of the Swami’s followers will come to his support saying that the Swami cannot be aware of what his followers did.  In this case, that logic will not ever hold water.  It IS the Swami’s duty to know from where his functions get the required resources.  It IS the Swami’s duty to know whether his followers who arrange the function [they won’t be more than a score] are breaking the laws.  It IS a serious matter if the Swami or his followers have been indulging in the same crime for years in many places with absolute impunity.    

When The Hindu revealed the Wikileaks about Mr Chidambaram’s remark  regarding the difference between certain regions of India, there was a hue and cry in the Parliament.  The hullaballoo only reveals the ignorance of our Parliamentarians about the difference which Mr Chidambaram referred to.   There indeed is a lot of difference between the regions mentioned by the Home Minister.  I mentioned it in my blog on the Rail Budget.

Swami Ramdev should not indulge in the kind of exploitation of the state’s exchequer that he seems to be doing according to what his followers revealed candidly to Asianet News.  Their candidness only shows how a crime becomes an accepted norm in a particular region merely because it is in practice, unquestioned.  Ticketless travel, for example, is not a crime in the Railways in many of the North Indian states simply because many people do it and nobody ever questions it.  Nowadays, stealing has also become an accepted practice in the Indian Railways!

Is Swami Ramdev really a yogi?  I don’t know.  I know that he has political ambitions.  About his yoga, let me give the following link which is highly revealing.

Ayurveda under the scanner

The following is an article by an acclaimed rationalist:



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8 Responses to Swami Ramdev Steals Electricity

  1. aram says:

    i have always been confused by the amount of wisdom people lay in their decisions, to let themselves get carried away by the “yoga tv evangelists”. I guess because they find themselves void of any firm belief they have to resort to such mains!! May mankind get wiser!!


    • What you can expect from an ignorant who in a TV show admitted that he give double bribe then asked? Ramdev said so in TV show “Aap ki adalat” to Rajat Sharma that they give 2 boxes of chayavan pras when asked for one by any officers.

      Ramdevism is hot now-a-days, and many people who wanted to be politician didn’t get chance in last 20 years or so now they are taking great opportunity created by Ramdevism. Those ramdevists don’t understand how system or corruption works, just like his master.

      I hope Ramdevism will fail, else India will pay dearly.

  2. bk says:

    oh i see a lot of missionary dogs shouting here…. don’t you feel there should be similar vigilance for missionary activity too… how much money they are spending…??? how they are getting those money?? where they get it from?? didn’t like these questions right?? i knew you wont…

    • bk,

      You must be a Ramdevist, propagating his ideology. Just opposing others don’t make your things correct. If you are truthful then why don’t you oppose the news with proof that Ramdev didn’t steal electricity.

      Open your eyes, Ramdevism is a killing ideology which killed a leading Ramdevist Dr. Rajiv Dixit while he was promoting Ramdevism in a public gathering. modern medicines have no options, but Raviv Dixit was under impression that he can live long and healthy without allopathic treatments, and hence he die.

      I am scared to death thinking what would have happened had Rajiv Dixit lived longer, won elections, formed governments and then ban modern medicines? Millions of people would have to die even though cure exist, just to fulfill Ramdev’s ambitions and expand his businesses.

  3. Raghuram Ekambaram says:

    There is an etrnal fount to obscurantism and Ramdev is just today’s revelation … why get het up so … We have to live with it, just so Ramdev et all can be comfortable stealing public goods.

    Raghuram Ekambaram

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