Beyond Capitalism


All of us want a system that ensures the happiness of the majority, I suppose. 

But the supposition is wrong.  We live in a world where a few people are amassing the wealth of the earth for themselves and ensure their own happiness.  In the process, they need the support of a few others.  These few others are elected/appointed as MLAs or MPs or bureaucrats other people in power. 

That’s what neoliberalism is about.

Neoliberalism is the new version of capitalism.  It is the socio-political system that runs the world today.  It is led by America [USA], which is, and has always been, a capitalist country. America and its capitalist system controlled the post-World War II world.  The erstwhile USSR’s communism tried to give a challenge to it but failed miserably.   America ensured that the USSR itself disintegrated.  The entity that cannot square up to your challenge should be finished off: that’s the ideology of capitalism.

The latest issue of Frontline carries an interview with Boris Kagarlitsky, Director of Globalisation Studies and Social Movements in Moscow.  I have chosen to write this blog based on that interview.

Kagarlitsky defines capitalism in two ways:

1. It is a mode of production.  It means the labourers are exploited.

2. It is a system. It would mean accumulation of wealth.  And that would mean exploitation of non-wage labourers.  That would mean sending some of the non-wage labourers into unemployment. Have you seen, for example, contract labourers disappearing from your firm?  I have.

The system of capitalism today relies not on production but on trade.  That’s why the traders reign supreme.  For example, the stock market.  For more example, Anil Ambani whose stocks are being penalised, according to today’s newspapers, because his firms are manipulating the stock market in India. Want another example?  The onion market.  The moment the government decided to raid the stockists of onion, there was a protest from the traders in India.  The government is a pawn in the hands of the traders.  Capitalist traders. 

Kagarlitsky says that, in this new system of neoliberalism, the products which are not needed by the world market don’t deserve to exist at all.  He extends that premise, in the context of his own country Russia, to say that “people who are not in demand in the world market do not deserve to live at all.”  That’s what capitalism is about.  That’s what neoliberalism is about.  

Set up more old age homes for yourself or for your parents.  And capitalist businessmen will look after the old provided they get the money.  MONEY.  That’s all what matters in neoliberalism.


More about this tomorrow, if you are still interested.




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2 Responses to Beyond Capitalism

  1. dawnanddew says:

    I could not anything out of this miniature world – sawan. Each and every letter reflected what this macro system has in store for the non-wage or wage labourers, I mean, teachers! It is all about trade. Even some students (sorry I should not use such a good term for all the juniors of the species here) who had their intelligence have sold it away. Trade!

  2. dawnanddew says:

    What I wanted to write in the first sentence is:

    I could not think of anything else than this miniature world – sawan, while reading this blog.

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