Is Religion a Perversion?


Many psychologists like Freud viewed religion as an infantile quest for some illusory feeling of security.  I don’t know if there are any psychologists who view it as some kind of perversion of human nature. 

The assassination of Salman Taseer, Governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province, is yet another proof for the perversions that religion plants in the human mind.  All kinds of violence and hatred perpetrated in the name of religion are enough proof otherwise.

Taseer was assassinated because he advocated the repeal of the anti-blasphemy law in Pakistan.  He rightly called it a “black law”. 

Religions are not, should not be, above criticism.  Religions should constantly look within and amend themselves so that monstrous cruelty will not be perpetrated on innocent people again and again.  History bears ample witness to the monstrosity of religion.  A glance through the history of the medieval period will be enough to convince anyone that religion is a perversion rather than a benign entity. A few centuries from now some blogger will pass this same judgement on our own times: that our times vindicate the most negative views on religion.  Fundamentalism, violent fanaticism, terrorism, conversions and re-conversions… Which other period in human history witnessed so many religious crimes?

Yet another RSS member was arrested in India yesterday for his involvement in religious terrorism.  Swami Aseemanand.  He is a post-graduate in physics.  Instead of using his knowledge and skills for the benefit of the society, to lead the society out of medieval darkness towards the light of modern science and secularism, the Swami chose to lead it towards more darkness by involving himself in destructive activities.  If that’s not perversion, what is it?

Salman Taseer’s crime, allegedly, is not merely opposing the anti-blasphemy law.  His opponents had taken a lot of trouble to take the photographs and videos of his family and uploading them on youtube and other places in the internet.  These pictures show that Taseer was an advocate of modernity.  He allowed his daughter to wear skirts – that’s one of his crimes, according to those who posted her photos on websites.  He allowed his son and daughter to go swimming in pools.  Are these crimes?  Some religious people think they are.  And Taseer had to pay for them with his life.

During a Christmas celebration one of my relatives returned home from the parish church where he had gone to exchange a Christmas gift with the parish priest, in accordance with some game they had played as part of a group activity.  When my relative unpacked the gift he had received from the priest, I was shocked.  It was a crucifix.  We were celebrating Christmas, the birth of Jesus.  And the priest thought a crucifix to be the appropriate gift on the occasion.  I can only think of it as another example of religious perversion.

Why do the religious people love to bring more ‘crosses’ into people’s life?


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10 Responses to Is Religion a Perversion?

  1. neel123 says:

    Religion is perversion only when practiced by barbarians, the majority muslims being the latest example.

    • matheikal says:

      Do the majority of Muslims really belong to the category you are referring to? Out of the one billion Muslims, how many are terrorists/fundamentalists, etc?

      What about other religions? Don’t we find ample examples of perversion there too?

      • neel123 says:

        The number of Muslim terrorists/extremists may not be large, but there are large number of Muslims that support these terrorists/extremists, for example in Pakistan, where there is state support to Islamic extremism/terrorism in the most systematic manner.

  2. dawnanddew says:

    Even after some 18 years, I still remember one of my childhood classmates and college mates who took a different stream (I faintly remember, it was Geography), a muslim (then) girl named Fatima telling me about her conception of Islam and Hinduism which still makes me stand rooted to the spot: “I have been to school and now you see me coming to college. I know you for a long time since our school days. So I feel comfortable sharing something with you. As you persuade me to study further, you see, it cannot happen. I have already committed a great sin of being educated. (I was shocked at this. I wouldn’t have expected it.) According to our religion, we have to do the Namaz (prayer) five times. But I do it only in the mornings and evenings and nights, and not in the day and noon time. So I’m skipping two Namaz timings. It is a great sin. So the sooner I could complete my graduation, I’ll get married and redeem myself doing Namaz regularly. Moreover let me tell you something. I’m sorry to tell you that. Still I feel free to express myself to you. Your Lord Shiv is a graveyard digger because he has a garland of skulls and smears ash on his body!” I couldn’t speak a word. Who taught her that? I only took pity and kept quiet. Though she was known to me for a long time, we were not so close to each other. I closed the topic and later only once requested to repeat the recital to a small circle of my other friends when they denied to believe in me. That was the when I was not so matured enough to be sensitive but only curious about such things. That is really the height of religious perversion. How many Muslim people are brought up like that, I wonder. The truth is not that Muslims are all terrorists but atleast even an innocent Muslim like my school cum college mate is fed into her mind of that sort of bitterness towards other religions. That, I feel, is true. At the same time I do consider the case of RSS fanatics.

    • Matheikal says:

      Dawn, thank you for giving a wonderful example. It illustrates quite a lot of what I would like to say. Islam brainwashes people too much even as Christianity did a few centuries ago and still does to some extent. Hinduism was one religion which never indulged in such a stupid practice. I admired Hinduism for that one reason. It had a remarkably broad worldvision. Unfortunately the Sangh Parivar today is killing that worldvision and taking Hinduism along the same stupid paths that Christianity traversed and Islam traverses.

      • neel123 says:

        Hinduism has never been about number game.

        Sangh Parivar is the only nationalist organization in India that truly cares about India. It never teaches Hindus to hate or kill people of other faith. All it wants is protection of India. There is no systematic effort in Hinduism, either to brainwash, nor there is flow of big funds to do that. Hinduism has also gone through the period of decay just like Christianity, but people in general have rejected perversion.

        Any religion has to evolve with time, and Hinduism is the most flexible in that respect, there is no compulsion on anyone.

  3. Raghuram says:

    Presenting a cross on Christmas – the little I know about Christianity, protestant denominations do not really subscribe to Virgin Birth and the only thing they swear by is Resurrection which, of course, needed crucifixon. I would assume that both the priest and laity who received the gift were protestants and the former was merely asserting his position. Damn Christmas and wait for Easter! That is the perversion, as you rightly said.

    Raghuram Ekambaram

  4. Anup says:


    Just started reading your blog. Nice to read the thoughts of a rational fellow mallu.

    Anyway I did notice u stopped replying to Mr. Neel. I think Mr. Neel’s comments validated your points in this piece.

    Keep writing.


    • matheikal says:

      Thanks for joining me here. I didn’t pursue Neel’s comment not because I disagreed with him, rather the opposite. What can we do about state-sponsored terrorism? Even the international community has not been able to persuade Pakistan to mend its ways.

  5. matheikal says:

    A very illuminating article on this topic:
    The latest issue of Frontline
    Article by Bhaskar Ghose

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