Rahul Gandhi, Indigenous Terror, etc.


The WikiLeaks revelation of Rahul Gandhi’s remark about the threat of Hindu terrorism being more dangerous to the country than Islamic terrorism stirred up a hornet’s nest in the Sangh Parivar.  The agitation of the Parivar is understandable given its antipathy towards honest introspection.  The Congress has taken an equally antagonistic stand.  “Links between RSS and terrorists need to be probed: Congress,” reads the major headline in The Hindu, dated Dec 20.  Congress general secretary, Digvijay Singh [whom The Times of India (Dec 20) christened “Diggy”], commented rather acerbically: “All Hindus are not terrorists, but why are all Hindu terrorists connected to the RSS?” It was a snide retort to the Parivar’s oft-repeated question: “Why are all terrorists Muslims?”

It is in this context that I would like to draw the reader’s attention to the cover story of a Malayalam magazine, Samakalika Malayalam [dated Dec 17].  “Revelation of R B Sreekumar, former DGP” is the title of the article.  Sreekumar was an additional DGP in Gujarat when the genocide was perpetrated against Muslims in 2002.  Following the riots, Sreekumar was appointed the head of the intelligence department.  But he refused to comply with Narendra Modi’s demands and gave honest reports on the riots.  He was soon transferred to an insignificant post in the police reforms department.

Sreekumar soon became the target of Modi’s vendetta.  His pending promotion as DGP was blocked. [Later he won the case, with the help of Teesta Setalwad and prominent lawyers who appeared on behalf of Sreekumar free of charge, and got the promotion.] His life itself was in danger.  We should not forget the fate of Hiren Pandya, BJP minister in Modi’s cabinet.  Pandya was killed mercilessly during a morning walk because he was opposed to Modi’s blatant communalism.  Sreekumar says that the fate of anyone who opposed Modi would not be different from that of Pandya. 

When the Special Investigation Team led by R K Raghavan recently submitted its report exonerating Narendra Modi of all crimes related to the genocide, Sreekumar was visibly upset.  He had stayed back in Gujarat after his retirement with the clear goal of bringing justice to the surviving victims of the genocide.  Moreover, Raghavan was a friend of Sreekumar.  Raghavan wrote an article in The Hindu on 6 May 2005 praising the role of the honest IPS officer, Sreekumar, in bringing out the truth about the genocide.  Now that same Raghavan has betrayed the truth by exonerating Narendra Modi.  Sreekumar wrote a letter to Raghavan seeking clarification on his somersault.  Why did Raghavan choose to ignore the testimony and other proofs offered by Sreekumar implicating Modi’s criminal role in the genocide? 

Sreekumar and others like him who have been working relentlessly to bring the villains of the 2002 tragedy to justice feel betrayed by Raghavan.   Worse, the exoneration of Modi proves beyond doubt that no one dares to question the political might, its brute force, that rules Gujarat today.  This is what saddens Sreekumar more, according to the magazine’s cover story.

In this context can we blame Rahul Gandhi for his statement on the Hindu terror?

Note: Samakalika Malayalam is a publication from the New Indian Express Group.


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