Oh God Yeddyurappa



Your very name rings religious bells in my heart.  I was born and brought up in a place near your kingdom where gods are called appa and amma.  We have Guruvayoorappa and Ettumannoorappa, Kodungallooramma and Chakkulathamma, and so many other gods and goddesses.  I now add you too to that infinite pantheon. You deserve nothing less.

Just today [24 Nov] the newspapers reported that your two sons sold two plots of land which they had bought from the Bangalore Development Authority in 2006 when you were the Deputy Chief Minister and finance minister.  They bought them for Rs 4 million and now sold them to the South-West Mining Ltd for Rs 200 million, so say the newspapers today.  And just today you have been exonerated by your worshippers and reinstated as the Lord of Karnataka.  While our appas and ammas are confined to tiny townships like Guruvayoor or Ettumannor, you preside over a whole state in the Bharatvarsha.  May your kingdom outlast the Kaliyuga!

Your party spokesperson is reported to have said that it would be foolish to endanger your lordship, the only one of the kind in the south of the Vindhyas, “to get some brownie morality points that do not count on the ground.”

That statement gave me the tremors in my knees.  You are the new avatar of the Almighty “on the ground.”  You are the new god for our new generation, the new god that does not believe in morality.  You have liberated us from our moral bondages.  You have brought us the new religion that we were groping for throughout the long drawn out Kaliyuga.  A new religion that upholds anarchy of the most radical sort.  Even Friedrich Nietzsche would bend his knees before you and renege on his proclamation on the death of God.

Oh, Yeddyurappa! I fall prostrate before you.  I worship you.  With an absolutely liberated conscience.  Without any need for a conscience!

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