Timeless religion

Yesterday I watched the Hindi movie, Khubsurat, on TV.  There’s a scene where a character asks the hero, Sanjay Dutt: “Oh! You’ve done what the sadu log [the ascetics] do – what’s that?”  Sanjay Dutt: Chori [Stealing]?

What the character wanted to say was miracle.   I enjoyed the sarcasm.

I was reminded of what Christopher Marlowe wrote in 1604.  Dr Faustus in Marlowe’s eponymous play sells his soul to the devil so that he can acquire all the knowledge possible for a human being.  When the devil comes wearing the costume assigned to him by the Christian tradition, Dr Faustus asks him: “Why did you come wearing this costume?  You should have worn the habit of a monk.”

Has the religion been any different in 1604 from 2010?  Or, let’s put the question the other way?  Has religion grown any better in 2010 from 1604?

The Ayodhya verdict may give you a clue.


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4 Responses to Timeless religion

  1. Sagar Kapoor says:

    Hmmm..Quite right pointed out Sir..

  2. dawnanddew says:

    There are two predominant DNA codes: 1.Evil and 2.Good. These codes attribute that timelessness to everything including religion. Humans are humans right from the beginning.

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