Murder of Truth

Murder of Truth by Governments in India

The cover story of the latest issue of Frontline [Sept 10, 2010] is appalling.  It says that “as many as nine RTI [Right to Information] activists have been killed in the first eight months of 2010.”  What is their ‘crime’?  They used RTI to expose the nefarious nexus between politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and mafia groups. 

Amit Jethwa, 33, was killed in broad daylight near the Gujarat High Court on July 20.  He had been campaigning to prevent mining around the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary.  He used RTI and other legal provisions to advance his campaign.  He received many threats from the ruling BJP’s MP from Junagadh.  The BJP Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, is acclaimed for bringing industrial development to the state.  He is also famous for eliminating large numbers of people for political benefits for himself and his party.  Modi may not be directly involved in the murder of Jethwa.  But can he and his party not bring development to the state without murdering people, especially people who stand for truth and justice?

The malady is not confined to Gujarat alone, however.  Satish Shetty, Dattatraya Patil, Arun Sawant and Vitthal Gite are victims of the murderers of truth in Maharashtra.  Shashidhar Mishra of Bihar, Vijay Pratap of UP and Sola Ranga Rao of AP also fell victims to mafia attacks because they all questioned certain corrupt practices using RTI.

Frontline quotes Arvind Kejriwal, RTI activist and Magsaysay award winner: “Those who indulge in corruption have become so aggressive, so bold and so intolerant that they don’t even fear the law and order machinery.”

The hijacking of law and order by criminals in connivance with the authorities who are supposed to uphold law and order is what is appalling.  When the government itself becomes an embodiment of criminality what will the citizens do?  Who but the government will be responsible for the emergence of extremist groups like the Maoists?

Instead of rectifying the situation by cleaning up the stables, the governments are trying to reign in the provisions in RTI.  Many amendments are being sought in the RTI Act.  Eventually the Act will be made ineffective by the governments.

George Bernard Shaw said, “Power does not corrupt men; but fools, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.”  India seems to have become a country where power is corrupted absolutely.

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6 Responses to Murder of Truth

  1. Vijay Parsi says:

    I stumbled upon this article through the tag cloud and the blog has been one of the best reads so far! Regarding this post, I completely agree with GB Shaw’s quote. It has never failed to baffle me, the manner in which the governments carry out corrective measures. The solution has to be stirred from outside to achieve a good laminar flow. Instead, the solution here, is being stirred from inside which is causing local turbulences but giving the impression of an overall laminarity.

  2. Aram says:

    hi sir,
    completely agree with the blog….
    i have myself seen that corruption is in the worse form….
    be it beaurocrats, heads of government institutes or anyone and everyone….
    God save us!!

  3. Parag says:

    Hello sir,
    i read this blog of yours only now and felt like sharing a piece of info. . .that i underwent my summer internship this year under Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, at his RTI office. The experience was simply sublime….to say the least. Not to mention it took a lot of convincing to get in.
    I had been following him for quite some time..When these murders unfolded, Arvind sir organised a peace march near ITO. I took part in that as well.

    Knowing about the nook and cranny of RTI Act and of several brave endeavours by ordinary people was an experience i treasure.

  4. jignesh says:

    i am absolutely agree with you, that line about modi is true, that is what i wanted to say. he is eliminating people for his benifit, i my self asked his appointment 2 months ago for make him understand on brutal murder of my elder brother RTI activist Amit Jethava, but he does not have time to heard us, but he has lot of time for rich people.

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