The Environmentalist


The environmentalist lectured

And the earth yawned to receive saplings.

Felling trees will damage the environment.

Let’s plant trees.

Trees give us oxygen to breathe.

Trees control the climate patterns.

Reduce global warming.

Trees are so useful.

I wondered

whether what’s not useful will be felled.

Is utility the ultimate value?

I looked out.

The trees smiled.

Do smiles serve any utilitarian value?


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One Response to The Environmentalist

  1. Dominic says:

    That was true Tomichan. But when did Tomichan become a poet too?

    The Metaphysics I learnt at Christ King College declares: whatever has been created is TRUE GOOD AND BEAUTITUL. Perhaps everything under and above the sky is useful, including the cockroaches: the Times of India reports that roaches have become hotspots for research! Their results will be of more significance than what has been revealed beyond the Milky Way!

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