Raj Thackeray will dig deeper still

Raj Thackeray is taking Indian politics to new lows.  The attack on an MLS who took an oath in Hindi reveals the degradation of the Thackeray kind of politics.  The BJP MLA, Girish Mahajan, took the oath in English while the Congress MLA, Baba Siddiqui, took the oath in Sanskrit and Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) had no problems with that.  So the problem seems to be with Hindi.  Raj Thackeray displayed his hatred of the Hindi-speaking people earlier on many occasions too.  His mentor, Bal Thackeray, whose policies Raj is following with ferocious devotion, had more hatred in his bitter heart.  Bal, in his heydays, attacked Indians belonging to many linguistic groups.

The violence perpetrated by MNS is totally unconstitutional.  Yet will the culprits be punished?  Yes, they have, for the time being, been suspended.  In all probability, the suspension will be revoked when the four MLAs who attacked Abu Azmi will read out an apology which they won’t mean at all.  And Raj Thackeray will go on preaching on national television channels in Marathi to people who don’t understand that language about the greatness of Maharashtra, its language and its people.  Will Raj Thackeray ever go behind the bars for the umpteen crimes that he has already committed?

We have just witnessed the moral erosion that is degrading the BJP govt in Karnataka.  The state’s new govt has bent its knees before the wealth and political clout of the Reddy brothers.

Wealth rules the roost in most places today. 

Raj Thackeray has not reached that depth in his pursuit of depths.  For want of better imagination he is currently stuck at the depth dug by his mentor.  This depth has already won him a lot of political clout in the state.  With clout will come wealth.  And wealth will dig new depths.  Politics and wealth have this amazing capacity to dig deeper and deeper.

When will we have leaders who will lead us to great heights?

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