Monster Boss

According to a recent CNN report, 67 percent of people say

they hate their jobs. The vast majority of unhappy workers

blame their bosses. Without question, having a monster boss

is one of life’s challenges. No matter how bad you think it is,

you have a choice: to quiver and hide or to stand up and do



That is from the preface to Patricia King’s latest book Monster Boss. 


More about the book from King’s website:



If the reason you hate going to work every day is your boss, it’s time to do something

about it. A bad boss can rob you of job satisfaction, motivation, career advancement—

even your physical and emotional health. With this book, you’ll learn how to improve

your situation, save your sanity, and, when necessary, fight back. You’ll also learn to

change undesirable situations and when your only option is to move on.



$14.95 (CAN $16.50) Business

ISBN-13: 978-1-59869-399-7

ISBN-10: 1-59869-399-9


This informative guide offers solutions to every

type of boss problem such as:


• Your Boss Puts You Down: When your boss has

only negative things to say in order to mask his own

insecurity, he’s acting like Bigfoot


• Your Boss Sucks the Life Out of You: When

your boss expects too much and drains all of your

energy, she’s acting like Dracula


• Your Boss Runs Hot and Cold: When your boss

compliments you one minute and criticizes you the

next, he’s acting like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

There are more types of bosses described and dealt with in the book.  To know more about the book, click the link below:


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