Have a Drink, Jaswant


“I want to be able to relax when I take a drink in the evening…” [Outlook, Sept 7, 2009]

“Drinking.  So what should I do, drink secretly?  I take a drink, so I’d much rather say I take a drink.  I don’t get drunk.  Its (sic) really hypocrisy.  I remember when I was in Rajya Sabha and my friend Piloo Modi use (sic) to mock me for being a part of the BJP…. What’s wrong?  I am having the drink…” [Tehelka, 5 Sept 2009]

Both the above quotes are from interviews given by Jaswant Singh after he was expelled from the BJP.  In the Tehelka interview Jaswant was questioned: “The RSS seems to have a problem with you because you openly talk about your dinking?”  So his answer is justified.  The Outlook interviewer’s question was: “Would you please give me an example (of Advani’s lack of leadership qualities)?  What Jaswant meant to say in his reply was he didn’t want to demean himself by mentioning examples of Advani’s impotency as a leader.  He’d rather have a drink and relax.

I was amused to know that the BJP had a problem about Jaswant Singh’s taking a drink or two in the evenings.  The BJP, a party that had no pricks of conscience about killing 2000 odd Muslims in Gujarat and driving away tens of thousands of them from their homes, has a problem with one of their leaders having a drink in the evenings!  Why don’t they have a problem with Narendra Modi who was responsible for the mass murders in Gujarat?  Why don’t they have a problem with Advani whose rath yatras led to a number of riots and consequential deaths or displacements in North India? 

No, they have no problem with them.  Rather Advani was the Prime Minister-in-waiting (ha ha, what a portfolio – like the hapless chap who waits for a train ticket in the endless queue!) and Narendra Modi was to be the Prime Minister as “projected” by Arun Shourie and other “intellectuals” of BJP. 

Mr Jaswant Singh, I have only this to say to you: Please continue to have your drink in the evenings.  Having a couple of drinks in the evenings is no more criminal than killing a few thousand people.  [Except to people who believe in religions.  I hope you have outgrown the need for a religion.]


Post-script:  I would like to quote something else from Mr Jaswant Singh’s interview to the Outlook for the benefit of some of my bosses (I have had too many of them in my life).

“Do you know the function of leadership?  … A leader will have to lead by example.  Not through diktats, not through vague and unspecified insinuations and fears.  And in the army, the leader takes the flak.  If you transfer responsibility, and if you do not stand up for those who are colleagues, then you are not a leader.”

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4 Responses to Have a Drink, Jaswant

  1. Dawn and Dew says:

    How many will understand the example? Think of some people who are never led but blind with their own convictions. Only such people have accused Jaswant Singh.

  2. matheikal says:

    Dawn, if such ‘leaders’ really had some convictions it would be ok. Even their convictions change like the weathercock.

  3. Anjali says:

    I completely agree. I don’t know much about Indian politics but I find the whole idea of the BJP ridiculous. They seem to claim piety with their left hand while promoting violence with their right. I can’t fathom the need for its existence.

    And I like that leadership quote.

  4. Aram says:

    Does this mean that BJP is not yet 23 years old to let it’s leaders take drinks 😛
    Or is it that they hv survived the vampire era and decided to feed in blood of helpless victims rather than booze provided by Vijay Malya and fellow patrons :P……
    BJP has holes, congress has big cracks and rest of the parties have no capacity holding tendencies hence is it to assume that we are to thrive in an anarchy of organised party rule?

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